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Introduction to Costa Rica Travel guide

The English translation of the name Costa Rica is “Rich Coast,” a fitting description of the richness you will discover throughout its hundreds of miles of breath taking coasts across the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean.

costa rica travel guide

Here are 4 facts about Costa Rica to get to know this country:

1. The country’s official name is the Republic of Costa Rica (Repblica de Costa Rica in Spanish).

2. In Costa Rica live, about 5 million people (as of 2020).

3. San José, the nation’s capital city, and the surrounding metropolitan region, where 330,000 people live, are home to most of the population (2 million). The remaining 2,670,000 people are dispersed around the magnificent, diverse countryside, with the bulk residing along the beaches.

4. The nation’s land area is roughly 20,000 square miles (or 51,000 square kilometers). It is smaller than Ireland in Europe or West Virginia in the United States.

In Costa Rica, a surprising amount of biodiversity, beauty, and adventure are around every corner. The number of microclimates in Costa Rica, which range from hot and humid to chilly and icy, and everything in between, will thrill tourists. There are numerous white, black, and shell beaches in the mainly tropical nation. A fantastic variety of landscapes may be found further inland: cloud rainforests, imposing volcanic mountain ranges, green plains, rolling hills, waterfalls, and rivers — Costa Rica indeed has it.

Central America is the center of the giant continents of North and South America, a relatively narrow band of territory connecting the two landmasses. The Caribbean Sea, and the Pacific Ocean, border Central America to the east and west. The nations of Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Panama are all tucked neatly within the “belt,” with Costa Rica to the north and Nicaragua to the south.

Inland Activities and attractions

This nation, unlike some other tropical locations, is not simply about the beach. In fact, it’s safe to assume that most visitors to Costa Rica don’t only see themselves lounging on the beach because this country offers an extraordinary variety of adventures on both land and sea.

You could be stunned to learn that some of Costa Rica’s most famous and well-traveled trails all have a few things in common: they are all remarkably well-maintained, breathtakingly beautiful, radically different, offer the chance to see wildlife, and – for those of you looking for a lovely nature stroll rather than a full-on hike – they are all under two miles (3.2km). Besides the Sirena path in Corcovado National Park, many well-known trails are frequently provided as guided nature walks. Still, you are welcome to explore these popular trails on your own. Each path has informational brochures accessible at the entry; some even have signage pointing out different plants, animals, or geographical aspects.

Thousands of people have walked these trails over the years to see some of the most incredible beauty and diverse flora and fauna that Costa Rica offers. While the fame of these trails may result in more crowds (depending on the season), it’s also a guarantee of the quality you’re getting. I’ve listed the parks (or reserves) rather than the specific trails because each national park has many paths.

Arenal Volcano National Park

Manuel Antonio National Park

Monteverde Nature Reserves

Chirripó National Park

Corcovado National Park

Tenorio Volcano National Park

LLanos de Cortes waterfalls

Manzanillo National Park

Tortuguero National Park

There are many more natural wonders and amazing places, If you want all of that and even more, go to Costa Rica and return with a bag full of beautiful memories and life experiences, you can read the full guide available below.

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