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Introduction to Norway travel guide

In recent years, interest in traveling to Nordic countries has increased by almost twenty percent. This, however, is not surprising, given its long history and unusual natural beauty. A trip to Norway brings a lot of experience.

They call it the land of fjords and trolls. Norway is a charming destination that will win over all lovers of natural beauty, hiking, and history. This northern history, culture, and customs are fascinating and unusual. Those who have visited Norway at least once remained forever in love with the northernmost of all European countries. Mixed Viking customs, medieval traditions of various European peoples, and the lives of basic peasant families who sweat and struggle to make a living may all be found in this country. It can be said that the culture of Norway has become a kind of cocktail, formed over several centuries under the influence of various peoples and historical periods.

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The Norwegians are connected with brave and angry Vikings, who were their ancestors. These people left a legacy in the form of folklore, reflecting all their campaigns and exploits. Thanks to this, modern Norwegian acquired qualities such as consistency, integrity, dignity, and courage. They are praised in legends and stories, eventually becoming part of Norwegian culture. Many modern customs have their roots in a time when Norwegian ancestors worshiped ancient gods. For example, unmarried women wear a small hammer of Thor Silver around their necks. It is believed to protect their health and beauty and attract fiancées. In the following lines, find out about this beautiful and exciting country.

A Brief History :

The history of Norway is perhaps best known for its Viking Age, which lasted from the 9th to the 11th centuries. The Viking era began in the late 800s when the first Viking king, Harald Fairhair, united the Vikings into a single nation. The Vikings were sailors who expanded their territory and invaded northern Europe. The Vikings inhabited most of Greenland and parts of Britain and Ireland. In the 11th century, Olav I became Norway’s first Christian king. During his reign, he converted most of people to Christianity.

1397 it unites with Denmark and Sweden under the Kalmar Union. Sweden renounced the union in 1521, but by 1586 was part of the Kingdom of Denmark. After the Napoleonic Wars, Norway was taken from Denmark and combined with Sweden under the Treaty of Kiel in 1814. In 1905, Norway became an independent country again. Norway remained neutral in World War I but was occupied by the Germans in World War II. After the war, Norway became the founder of the United Nations. Norway is not a member of the European Union. In 1949, neutrality was abandoned, and Norway joined NATO.

What to eat and drink in Norway

Culinary art is more than popular in this country. Its chefs are recognized in high circles of the professional gastronomic aristocracy. The new Norwegian culinary scene, presented to the world most beautifully, includes a gourmet lifestyle, investment in presentation, inventive recipes, and traditional and organically cultivated goods.

10 Norwegian dishes you must try:

1. Fårikål – mutton stew or boiled lamb with cabbage and pepper 2. Pinnekjøtt – dried, smoked ribs

3. Sodd – stewed dish, with mutton meatballs, potatoes, and carrots

4. Stekte pølser – fried sausages, beans, and potatoes served with potatoes optional

5. Torsk – cod with boiled potatoes

6. Rakfisk – salted fermented trout aged for up to a year and eaten without heat treatment

7. Brunost – brown cheese with a sweet, sharp taste with a note of caramel

8. Freia Melkesjokolade – milk chocolate “Piece of Norway.”

9. Aquavit – potato brandy flavored with cumin seeds, anise, fennel, spice, and coriander

10. Solo – refreshing soft drink with orange flavor

And if you want to experience the splendor of the north, you must visit Norway, where its cultural traditions will not leave you indifferent. If you want all of that and even more, go to Norway and return with a bag full of beautiful memories and life experiences read the full guide available below.

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