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Blue and even bluer, these are the Bahamas. So blue that it’s hard to tell where the ocean meets the sky, so you could easily think, and you wouldn’t be wrong, you’re in paradise. This bahamas travel guide will take you through all the information you need to pack up your bags to this beautiful island.

These tropical island nation in the Atlantic Ocean that consists of a 700-island archipelago east of Florida and north of Cuba and is one of the cultural, tourist, political, and economic capital of the Caribbean islands. The name ‘Bahamas’ is actually of Spanish origin and means ‘baja mar,’ or shallow sea.

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The inhabitants of this beautiful archipelago can primarily enjoy the most transparent sea in the world and the subtropical climate with about 300 sunny days and an average temperature of 27 ° C throughout the year. What makes the Bahamas one of the most attractive destinations, unlike other Caribbean islands, is the rich nightlife, luxury hotels, large and prosperous shopping offers, and the most beautiful beaches you can imagine, resulting in a booming economy.

The islands are a favorite vacation spot for American tourists, so all three statements are accurate. Most tourists come to Nassau on big cruises, but this is only the first encounter with the Bahamas, where a great desire to return is born. If you come by cruise, the time you will spend in the capital is quite limited.

Andros is the largest island and is located in the west. In contrast, New Providence is located east of Andros. It is home to the capital city of Nassau, where two-thirds of the population lives. The Grand Bahamas in the north and Inagua in the south are other significant islands. Communication between the islands takes place by ships and ferries. Many of the ferries are comfortable enough.

bahamas travel guide

The national currency is the Bahamian dollar, closely linked to the US dollar. Still, the exchange rate in different institutions can vary a lot. The most stable rate is in the offices of international banks in Nassau and Freeport. Changing money in tourist areas is the most unprofitable.

It is no coincidence that the Bahamas is called paradise. Their northern part lies in the tropical trade zone and the southern in the subtropical area. The average temperature in the summer months is from + 26 ° C to + 32 ° C, and in winter – from + 18 ° C to + 22 ° C. Summers are warmer in the south than in the central part of the archipelago. Winters are colder in the north western Bahamas. Seawater is suitable for swimming all year round. Depending on the season, its temperature ranges from + 23 ° C to + 27 ° C. It is believed that the best time to visit the Bahamas is from September to May, when it is cooler.

The Bahamas are known for their picturesque beauty and three-year tropical times with beautiful pink sandy beaches and sunny heated waters. Thanks to its robust flavors and delicious dishes, it is also an excellent place for anyone who loves food.

There is a wide selection of shellfish, seafood, fresh fruit, and traditional sides – some you’ll see around the Caribbean; others are unique in the Bahamas. Shellfish or textured sea snail meat are used in some of the most famous cuisines. But there are numerous others. The Bahamas, home to one of the world’s most diversified marine wildlife ecosystems, offers a wide range of complex cuisines to obtain elsewhere.

In terms of daily life in the Bahamas, both men and women have equal rights and freedoms under the law. Men, not women, hold the most significant positions in education, administration, and social services, despite many women working outside the home in these fields.

To get know more about Bahamas Culture, Beaches, Food, Hotels and planning your trip to Bahamas we recommend to get this full guide below.


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